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Sales Performance Dashboard



Vymo Sales Performance Management (SPM) is an intuitive solution designed to empower sales teams and managers. It's constructed on three pivotal empowerment dimensions: Visibility, Control, and Coaching. By leveraging Vymo SPM, managers can effectively boost their team's performance, while agents get a clear path to monitor and enhance their performance.

Vymo SPM offers a comprehensive suite of performance widgets to provide real-time insights into individual and team achievements. From tracking rankings on the leaderboard to understanding metrics that drive success, Vymo SPM is the perfect companion for any sales-driven organization.

Furthermore, with Vymo's Coach Hello Screen, managers gain a holistic view of their team's progress. This screen provides aggregated data from all members in a manager's reporting hierarchy, enabling them to make informed decisions and offer timely guidance.

Vymo SPM also seamlessly integrates with a unique hierarchy structure, aligning both distribution and employee role hierarchies. This integration ensures that despite frequent changes in agents and SMs due to agent churn, the agency, staff, and district structure remain consistent, thus preserving the integrity of performance metrics.


Definition: The ability to view and comprehend all sales operations transparently.

Features: - Comprehensive dashboard showing activity and outcome metrics. - Real-time data updates. - Accessible from multiple devices.

This lever is all about transparency and comprehension. With Vymo SPM, teams are provided with a clear window into every aspect of their sales operations. Comprehensive visibility ensures that every activity, outcome metric, and performance indicator is easily accessible. This transparency aids in making informed decisions, adjusting strategies, and identifying areas of improvement.


Definition: The empowerment of managers to guide their team's direction and ensure consistent best practices.

Features: - Leaderboard: Managers can gauge team standings and motivate members. - Nudge Worthy and Cheer Worthy Insights: Identification of team members who might need attention or recognition. - Performance Metrics: Daily, weekly, and monthly progress tracking.

Empowerment is closely tied to control. Managers should be able to guide the direction of their teams, ensuring best practices are consistently followed. With Vymo SPM, managers can drive execution rhythms, set standards, and maintain consistency across their teams. They can also utilize tools like the leaderboard to gauge team standings, nudges for performance reminders, and insights to identify team members who might need attention.


Definition: Guidance and mentorship to ensure teams work efficiently and effectively.

Features: - Performance Nudges: Preemptive reminders and guidance. - Direct Managerial Interventions: Managers can guide individuals based on performance metrics. - Historical Data Analysis: Understand trends and adjust strategies.

This is the pillar of guidance and mentorship. Vymo SPM's coaching features are designed to ensure that teams are not just working hard but also working smart. With preemptive guidance tools, managers can steer individuals toward success, ensuring they have the resources and knowledge to overcome challenges. Whether it's through performance nudges or direct interventions, coaching ensures that every team member is on the path to success.



Purpose: Provides a snapshot of performance.

Features: - Daily Target Setting: Managers and agents can set and track targets. - Historical Trend Analysis: Month-on-month and week-on-week performance tracking. - Data Breakdown: View the data contributing to the points computed.


Purpose: Instill a competitive spirit among team members.

Features: - Rank-Based Display: View standings based on points earned. - Filter Options: View the leaderboard based on different parameters like filter by lead state transition, activity type, or goals configured.


Purpose: Consolidated view of sales performance.

Features: - Favorites Reports Widget: Customize and access essential reports. - In-app Access: View detailed reports without leaving the Vymo SPM platform.

Report Shortcuts

Purpose: Swift access to essential reports.

Features: - Favorites Widget: Pin crucial reports for quick access. - Customizable View: Choose which reports to pin based on personal or team preferences.

Team Insights


Purpose: Identify team members who might be falling behind.

Features: - Performance Analysis: View team members whose progress points are below a certain threshold. - Timely Interventions: Managers can take actions like sending notes or making calls to guide team members.


Purpose: Recognize and reward top-performing team members.

Features: - Performance Analysis: Identify team members whose progress points exceed a certain threshold. - Empower managers to track team member performance.

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