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How to Create Activities



In Vymo, activities play a crucial role in managing and tracking tasks. There are two main types of activities:

Module-specific Activities

  • Description: Tasks specific to a particular module, like reaching out to a lead.
  • Configuration: Configured within specific modules like leads or partners.

User Activities

  • Description: Broad tasks not specifically tied to any module, such as team meetings.
  • Considerations:
  • Activity Medium: Defines the allowed medium for each activity (e.g., phone calls, Zoom meetings). The '[task.type]' field in the current SSUI will be replaced with a 'medium' field.
  • Activity Type: Refers to the name or title of the activity. For each medium provided by Vymo, a corresponding activity type is automatically created.

Configuration Options

Available Activity Types

  • For Modules: Meeting, outgoing call, incoming call, reminder, web conference, email, LINE WORKS chat, LINE WORKS chat disposition.
  • For Generic Activities: Additional choices of Office 365 calendar and Zoom.


  • Define roles eligible to create the activity.
  • Determine roles to which the activity can be assigned.
  • Specify roles that can participate in the activity.

Additional Configuration

  • Include participants after marking the activity as complete.
  • Automatically close activities post a defined number of days.
  • For a detailed list, consult "Reference: Activities".

Step-by-Step Guide

Access Vymo

  • Log in to self-serve.

Choose Activity Type

  • For Module-Level Activities:
  • Navigate to 'Module Settings'.
  • Click on the desired module.
  • Select 'Activity Management'.
  • For Generic Activities:
  • Head to the 'User Management' section.
  • Click 'Activity Management'.

Initiate Activity Creation

  • On the left menu, click 'Add' and then choose 'Activity’ from the pop-up. self serve

Basic Configuration

  • Enable the activity using the 'Enable' option.
  • Provide a suitable name for the activity.
  • Choose the activity type from the available options.

Specify Roles

  • Select appropriate roles for 'Choose the roles the activity is allowed for'.
  • Specify the roles that the activity can be assigned to and determine the number of assignees.
  • Define the roles that can participate in the activity and decide on the number of participants.

Activity Details

  • For each action enabled for the activity:
  • Click on 'Manage Fields'.
  • Drag and drop the desired fields for the form when creating or updating the activity.
  • Use 'Return to Activity Management' to go back.

Final Steps

  • Configure any additional options as required.
  • Click 'Save' located near the top right.
  • Release the changes to make the activity available.

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