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How to Reactivate Closed Leads



Is it feasible to revive a closed lead? Occasionally, previously dormant or closed leads may resurface with renewed potential. The self-serve platform facilitates this with tailored configurations for distinct lead modules.


It's imperative to understand that local configurations can be superseded by broader global settings.

User Guide

  1. Login: Start by accessing the web app.
  2. Navigate to Module Settings: On the navigation bar, select "Self Serve". From the dropdown, opt for "Module Settings".
  3. Select Desired Lead Module: Choose the specific lead module you're looking to reactivate.
  4. Access Data Importer: Navigate directly to the "Data Import" section.
  5. Enable Reactivation: Within this section, in "General Settings", click on "Allow reactivation of an existing record" to "Yes".
  6. Save & Implement: Once configured, click "Save" situated at the top right, then finalize these adjustments by releasing them.


Keep in mind that while changes are immediately recorded, they're initially in a draft state. You must release the configuration changes for them to become active. These settings then come into effect either upon the next app login or during its next update.


Post-configuration, log out and subsequently log back into the app. The reactivated lead should now be evident on the leads list, ready to embark on the leads workflow once again. This flexibility ensures that no potential opportunities are missed, and leads are managed effectively across all phases of their journey.

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