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Allocation Configuration


Allocations Overview

Allocating leads is a crucial process in matching potential customers (leads) with the appropriate salespeople. This allocation can be manual or automatic, with each method offering distinct advantages based on your business needs.

Core Concept:

  • Allocation Purpose: To match a lead with a salesperson, though it doesn't guarantee a closed deal.
  • Allocation Methods:
  • Manual Allocation: Individual lead review and allocation.
  • Automatic Allocation: Predefined rules for lead allocation, including:
    • Lead-by-Lead Allocation: Round-robin allocation based on criteria. Unallocated leads go to manual allocation.
    • Customized Allocation: Tailored rules evaluating all unallocated leads and salespeople.
  • Dynamic Allocation: Currently, Vymo does not offer a machine learning-based allocation system.

Default Process

  • By default, leads enter the manual allocation process unless automatic allocation is preferred.

Comparison Matrix

A breakdown of effort and customization for different allocation types:

Criteria/Type of Allocation Manual Allocation Lead-by-Lead Automatic Allocation Customized Allocation
Location Info Required Required if used in rules Required if used in custom metrics
Metrics Available Open leads count, Allocated leads count, Backlog count, Login time, Calendar availability Open leads count, Allocated leads count, Login time, Allocation time within specific hours, Distance between lead and hierarchical users within a radius, Attributes from other modules Any custom metric
Reports No built-in reports, requires Solutions Delivery effort Requires Solutions Delivery effort, typically a few days to a couple of weeks Requires Solutions Delivery effort, spanning several weeks to months

In summary, Vymo offers a combination of manual and rule-based automatic allocation methods, allowing for a structured approach to match leads with the most suitable salesperson.

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