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How to release changes to the pre-production environment


Releasing or deploying your configuration changes to a pre-production environment is a part of the standard process, so that you can test the changes for your app instance (what's an instance?). Because all your configuration changes are always saved as draft changes, you must push them to a pre-production environment to test the changes.

release changes to staging

How to

All of the draft changes are pushed to the pre-production server all at once. You can't pick or select specific changes to push.

  1. Log in to the web app.
  2. On the banner near the top, click Release changes.
  3. Specify the release details, and make sure to provide your own email ID because that's where you receive an OTP to continue with the process. Click Proceed.
  4. Enter the OTP you received in the email, and click Submit. Wait for a while till you see a confirmation message saying that the process is complete. message box for releasing changes to staging


What's an instance?
Every company has a copy of the standard Vymo offering, which is configured and customized according to the business requirements. This customer copy, unique to every company, is an instance and can be accessed through a unique URL.

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