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How to create transitions for lead states



A state transition refers to the movement of a lead record from one state to another. This guide outlines the process of delineating points of entry and exit for each state to ensure smooth transitions.

What are States?

States represent specific stages in the lifecycle of a lead record, such as "New", "Assigned", or "Closed". They are crucial in defining the progression of a lead, from inception to conclusion as either "Won" or "Lost".

Usage of States

States are foundational to workflows, dictating the lead's journey through various processes like call scheduling or follow-up appointments.


  • The states you want to transition between should be pre-established. See "How to create lead states" for guidance.
  • State transitions are integral to call dispositions.

User Guide

Creating a state involves three tasks: creating the state, attaching tags, and implementing transitions. This guide focuses on the third task.

Steps to Create a Transition:

  1. Login: Access the Vymo web app and click the gear icon in the upper-right corner.
  2. Module Settings: In Module Settings, choose the module for outlining transitions.
  3. Lead Lifecycle: Select "Lead Lifecycle".
  4. Add Transition: Click "Add Transition" for the desired state.

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  1. Specify Transitions: Define the "From" and "To" states for the transition.
  2. Note: The inaugural state ("New") doesn't have a "From" state. Won and Lost are final states in the workflow.

  3. Save: Configure all transitions, then click "Save" or "Save and Add" for additional transitions.

  4. Finalize: Confirm all configurations by clicking "Save" near the top right.

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Upon completing these steps, your state is officially established with defined transitions. You are now ready to configure lead state fields.

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