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Getting access to the Vymo VPN

Sonu Fakiha Feedback

To configure notifications and to use Showman, you must be logged in to the Vymo VPN. To use VPN, you need two things:

  • Pritunl, to log in to VPN
  • Authy, to generate a code for the 2-factor authentication that the Vymo VPN needs

Step 1. Set up Pritunl

  1. Go to Pritunl and sign in with your Vymo Google credentials.
  2. On the Pritunl user profile page, click Download client. You're taken to a new tab. Don't close the previous tab (because you need a few more details from that page).
  3. Download the installer and run it.
  4. Open Pritunl and click Import Profile URI.
  5. Return to the Pritunl user profile page, copy your profile URI link, paste it in the Import Profile URI field, and click Import.

Step 2. Set up two-factor authentication (2FA)

You need 2FA because the VPN access needs it.

  1. Install Authy.
  2. Open Authy and click Add Account to add the Vymo account.
    • If you're installing Authy on your phone, scan the QR code.
    • If you don't have access to a scanner or are installing Authy on your desktop, return to the Pritunl user profile page, click Enter key manually, copy the two-step authentication key, and paste it in Authy.
  3. Add a name, for example, Vymo VPN, to the account.

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