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Customized allocations


Consider a scenario where you must evaluate several leads and several sales people at the same time, and find an optimum match. For example, you look at all leads in a specific area and then at all sales people in that area, and match a lead to the person closest to that lead. Such a rule needs the following sequence:

  1. Fetch lead location
  2. Fetch locations of all sales people
  3. Find sales people <= lead location + 5
  4. Filter sales people list recursively to identify the sales person at minimum distance from lead location

Such customized rules can't be set up through the self-serve interface.

Consider another scenario where you have a list of leads but before assigning them to anybody, you must ensure that:

  1. All available sales people are grouped into specific categories
  2. Within a category, all sales people are grouped into specific roles
  3. A lead is matched to a person only if a series of conditions are met

This allocation expression first puts the sales people into groups, then finds leads within a location, and then uses a series of conditions to match a lead to a sales person, like so:

  1. Receive data from customer for sales person Attribute 1, Attribute 2, Attribute 3, and Attribute 4.
  2. If Attribute 1 = Condition 1, put sales person in Group 1 ELSE if Condition 2 is TRUE, put in Group 2 ELSE put in Group 3.
  3. Fetch lead location.
  4. Match lead location with Group, and fetch sales person in that group.
  5. If Attribute 2 of sales person in that group = Condition 2 AND Attribute 3 = Condition 3, allocate the lead to the sales person
    if Attribute 4 = Condition 4 AND Attribute 2 = Condition 5, allocate the lead to the sales person
    mark the lead for manual allocation.

Quite a few of the parameters used in the evaluation are custom attributes.

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