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How to Create Activity Groups



In Vymo, grouping multiple, intrinsically linked activities can streamline the workflow. For example, a sequence involving meeting a lead followed by updating the lead record can be bundled into a single activity group. It's important to note that an activity group is considered open until all its constituent activities are marked as closed.

Step-by-Step Guide

Access Vymo

  • Log in to self-serve.
  • For Module-Level Groups:
  • Head to the 'Module Settings'.
  • Select the desired module.
  • Proceed to 'Activity Management'.
  • For Generic Groups:
  • Dive into the 'User Management' section.
  • Opt for 'Activity Management'.

Initiate Group Creation

  • On the left-hand menu, click 'Add' and subsequently choose 'Activity Group'. self serve

Configure the Group

  • Assign a suitable name to the group.
  • Select the individual activities to include in the group from the available list.


  • Once satisfied with the group configuration, click 'Save' located near the top right.
  • To make the activity group operational, release the changes.

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