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Allocations overview


You allocate leads to the people on the sales team according to certain rules or conditions that work best for your business scenario. For example, you might review leads and allocate them, one at a time, to those who you think are best placed to close the deal. Or, you might define a set of conditions to evaluate and, based on the results, get the leads allocated automatically to the sales people.


Lead allocation is only for creating a possible match between a potential customer (lead) and a sales person (user or agent). An allocation doesn't automatically lead to closing a deal.

Leads can be allocated in either of the following two ways:

  • Manual allocation: You review a list of unassigned leads and assign them, one by one, to an available person on the sales team. The available people can be filtered and sorted according to certain rules. See Allocating leads manually.
  • Automatic allocation: You define a set of rules. Every time that a lead is uploaded, these rules are evaluated to find a matching sales person to allocate the lead to. This method can be of the following two types:
    • Lead-by-lead allocation: The allocation is done in a round-robin fashion (meaning, in a circular queue order) according to the AND-OR evaluation criteria defined in the rule set. The rules look at one lead at a time, and allocate it to one person out of all available people. If, after the rules are evaluated, any lead remains unallocated, it's sent to the pipeline for manual allocation. See Setting up lead-by-lead automatic allocation.
    • Customized allocation: You set up rules that are customized for a specific business scenario. These rules go beyond the simple, round-robin matches, and evaluate the possible matches against prioritization criteria. The evaluation looks at all of the unallocated leads and all of the available sales people at the same time, and finds the person best placed to own that lead. See Customized allocations.

By default, all leads are sent into the manual allocation pipeline unless automatic allocation is set as the first choice. If automatic allocation is in place, all leads are sent into that pipeline, and any leads that remain unallocated after the automatic allocation process are sent to the manual allocation pipeline.

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