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Adding leads to a campaign


You can associate a lead with a campaign only if the following conditions are met:

  • The campaign is active
  • The campaign is associated with lead module that contains that particular lead record

Uploading leads in bulk

Use the two campaign columns to associate an active campaign with the leads. The name of the column, by default, is Campaign and Sub campaign but your administrator can rename it to something else.

Both the Campaign and Sub campaign fields are optional. If you specify a child campaign without specifying a parent campaign, the parent campaign field is populated automatically when the file is uploaded. You can also specify only a parent campaign without specifying any of its child campaigns in the Sub campaign column. However, if you specify an incorrect combination of a parent-and-child campaign, that record isn't uploaded. You can look at the summary file of the upload job to see if there are any such errors, correct those errors, and then upload those records.

Adding leads one by one

When creating a lead, if the campaign fields are configured as input criteria:

  1. In the Add Campaign field, select Yes.
  2. In the Campaign field, select an active campaign. Only the active campaigns are displayed.
  3. If the campaign has any active child campaigns, the Sub campaign field is displayed. Select a child campaign. You can choose to not specify a child campaign, and associate the lead with only the parent campaign.

If you forgot to tag leads to a campaign, you can edit the lead details to add the association. Use the bulk upload option to do these edits.

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