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My actions

Sonu Fakiha Feedback

The my actions card on the hello screen displays top three suggestions. A separate dashboard for suggestions and notifications is now available. To see new my actions button on the app, follow the given steps.


  1. Login to Vymo web app.
  2. Go to Global settings? > JSON Configuration > Custom Config > Additional Configs
  3. Navigate Suggestions Config and select New UI Enabled checkbox to enable my actions feature.

my actions


  1. Login to Vymo mobile app.
  2. My actions card appears on hello screen. The my actions card comprises of top three suggestions.
  3. When you click view all, you will be navigated to my actions dashboard.
  4. Click on the My action :material-clipboard-check-outline: button located next to calender.
  5. You will find list of notications and sugesstions on My actions page.

notifications screen

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