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Release environments

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To ensure robust and seamless customer deployments, we employ multiple environments. Each environment serves a specific purpose, providing an organized and step-by-step approach to configuration, testing, and deployment.

release sets

Customer deployments work on these environments:

Production environment

Definition: This represents the live version of a customer's implementation. It's the tangible deployment that the customer interacts with and utilizes daily.

Purpose: To provide a stable and active platform for end users.

Staging environment

Definition: An intermediary realm where you delineate and experiment with the configuration settings of a customer's implementation.

Purpose: To test and validate any modifications or configurations before they're relayed to the live production environment.

Pre-Prod environment

Definition: A replica of the production environment, established by the Operations team, encompassing all configurations present in the production environment.

Purpose: It acts as a safety net, allowing teams to gauge the stability of changes. The sandbox environment becomes especially crucial since dispatching modifications directly to the production environment can compromise its stability. Any configuration or change that proves successful in the sandbox is guaranteed to function seamlessly in the production environment.

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