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Data Export



Data management is pivotal in today's digital era. Vymo offers a flexible feature for the import and export of data, ensuring that users can seamlessly transfer and integrate data as required. This guide delves into the configurations available for data import/export, optimizing the process to fit an organization's specific needs.

Vymo's robust data management capabilities extend to the precise specification of fields for export. This guide provides detailed instructions on selecting fields for exporting leads, partners, and activities data, with a focus on the importance of data export and the use of filters for tailored data retrieval.

Why Data Export is Important:

  • Integration with External Systems: Data export is vital for businesses that need to integrate Vymo data with external systems not directly linked with Vymo.
  • Data Analytics: Exporting data enables organizations to use advanced data analytics tools outside Vymo.
  • Reporting and Compliance: Regular data export is essential for creating reports for internal audits, compliance checks, or business reviews.
  • Backup and Archival: Exporting data can serve as a means for creating backups and archival records.

Applying Filters and Downloading Reports:

  • Filter Application: Filters can be applied to sort and segment data based on specific criteria.
  • Reports Download: Regular reports downloads can be facilitated by the export feature, with filters aiding in customizing these reports.


In Vymo, users have the autonomy to determine the fields that will be utilized during the import and export of data. Vymo supports fields that calculate values based on expressions derived from one or more fields in the dataset, appearing as headers in the uploaded or downloaded files.

Configuration Options

The table below provides a snapshot of configuration options across different components:

Component Export Capability Import Capability Configurable Template Operational Scope
Leads Yes Yes Yes Module-level
Partners Yes Yes Yes Module-level
Activities Yes Yes Yes Global level
Users Yes Yes No Global level

Key Highlights:

  • Field Specification: Define the fields before initiating the import or export process.
  • Calculated Fields: Vymo can handle fields with values derived from expressions during export.
  • Template Configuration: Tailor the import/export templates for components like Leads, Partners, and Activities.

Operational Levels:

  • Module-level: Configurations specific to individual modules like Leads and Partners.
  • Global-level: Consistent configurations across the platform for components like Activities and Users.

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