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How to enable or disable a feature


Use the feature flags to enable or disable a feature. For each feature, you can set the disabled flag to true or false, like this:

  • When disabled: false, the feature is enabled.
  • When disabled: true, the feature is disabled.



  • You need the product edition document (to see the list of features that the company has signed up for).
  • After enabling a feature, you might need to configure the feature itself.

How to

  1. Log in to the web app.
  2. On the left menu panel, click Customize > Global Settings.
  3. Scroll down to Advanced Settings and click JSON Configurations.
  4. Locate the features object and expand it. All the available features are contained in this object.
  5. Select the feature to enable or disable, and set the disabled to true or false.
  6. When you are done, click Save. Then, release the changes.

The following table contains the default flags of all features.

Feature code Default value of disabled Description
screenshots false To prevent screenshots, set this value to true.
user_location true
self_assign true
calendar false
enable_cache_login_id false
isDDPEnabled false To disable bulk export and import, set this value to true.
web_link_disabled true
is_next_meeting_editable true
user_agreement_present false
lead_engagement_reminders false
bulk_user_import_admin true
location_pinning true
geo_visits_in_lead_history false
attendance true
search_enabled false
call_handling true
check_in false
dashboard_feature false
dau false
dau_drive false
referrals false
suggested_meeting true
near_by true
search_leads false
user_modules false
manager_view false
onboarding false
chat_support false
chips true
biometric false
hello_ss_translation true
hello_ss true
zoom_integration true
outlook_integration true
salesforce_sync true
use_inapp_viewer true
lineworks true
celebration true
activity_screenshots true
image_cropping true
rbac Generic true

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