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Release notes 2023


Version 23.10-11

RELEASE NOTES UPCOMING (November - December)


1.Enhanced Bulk Approval Actions via Upload

We have introduced a transformative feature on our web platform that empowers users to execute bulk approval or rejection of pending approvals efficiently through an upload mechanism. This simplifies bulk approval processes. With the ability to download templates, complete them, and upload them for bulk actions, users will experience a marked improvement in managing approval workflows. This user-centric feature is a significant step forward in streamlining bulk approval tasks

This feature revolutionizes the approval management process, offering users the ability to handle bulk approval tasks seamlessly with a simple upload feature, significantly reducing manual workload and enhancing operational workflow.

Functionality: Within the 'Approvals' section, users can now navigate to a 'Bulk Upload' area designed for action-specific tasks. The process is facilitated by downloadable templates, ensuring that uploads are carried out with ease and accuracy. A user-friendly progress bar keeps users informed of the status of their bulk approval actions, providing clear, real-time updates.

img img

2.Introducing Bulk Download for Pending Approvals

The web platform now boasts a feature that significantly enhances the approval workflow, enabling users to download pending approvals in bulk for streamlined processing. Embrace the efficiency of the new bulk download functionality for pending approvals, available on our web platform. This feature provides a comprehensive list of pending items, streamlines the decision-making process, and allows for subsequent bulk actions, enhancing the user's ability to manage approvals effectively.

Functionality: Accessible download feature within the 'Approvals' tab for users with the right permissions. Filter options for pending approvals and a 'Download' button for CSV or Excel output. Comprehensive information in the download, including key details and action columns for offline processing. img img

3.Seamless Data Flow in State Update Forms

An update in Vymo's lead management system, focusing on the efficiency and consistency of data flow in state update forms. This enhancement simplifies the process of updating lead states by pre-populating fields in state update forms with corresponding values from lead profiles, ensuring that your data management is both streamlined and accurate.

Key Features:

  • Automatic Field Pre-population: Fields in state update forms will automatically populate with values from corresponding fields in the lead profile, provided they share the same attribute code.

  • Bidirectional Data Update: Changes made in these shared fields within the state update form will reflect in the lead profile, maintaining real-time synchronization.

  • Customizable Configuration: This functionality can be easily configured through JSON settings in the lead module, providing flexibility to tailor data flow as per organizational needs.

This update ensures that if a state update form and the lead profile have fields with the same field code or attribute code, those fields can be pre-populated with values from the lead profile. Additionally, any value entered or changed in the state update form for common fields will get updated in the lead profile field as well. This feature is particularly useful in maintaining consistency and reducing manual data entry efforts. img img img


1.Streamlining Activity Titles

In our ongoing efforts to refine and enhance the Vymo user experience, we're excited to share an important update that focuses on simplifying activity titles. This change is part of our commitment to making information presentation more straightforward and less cluttered.

What's Changing? - Simplified Activity Titles: We're streamlining activity titles across all Vymo environments, including calendars and activity lists. The new format will feature only the primary "lead record name" or "partner record name" instead of the previous "VO" terminology. This simplification aims to avoid confusion and make it easier to understand and navigate through activities.

  • Unaltered Detailed View: While we're simplifying the titles, the detailed view of each activity remains comprehensive. You'll still have access to all the specifics, including information about referred records (previously referred to as VOs).

Why This Matters:

  • Enhanced Clarity: In some cases, like with Kemper, activity titles included the names of both the primary and referred records, which could be confusing, especially when these names were identical. For example, an activity titled "Document Collection with Nikita and Nikita" didn't convey the involved parties. By showing only the primary record's name, we eliminate this ambiguity.

  • Understanding 'Activity Roll-Up': Our feature called "activity roll-up" displays activities associated with interconnected records. For instance, an activity with "Lead L1" could also appear under "Lead L2" if L1 is a referral on L2's record. While this is useful, showing both names in the title was sometimes more puzzling than helpful.

What's New: Activity Title Simplification: The titles will be streamlined to present only the primary VO's information. Unaltered Detailed View: Comprehensive details, including the specifics of referred VOs, will remain accessible within the individual activity detail pages.

We have refined the way activity titles are displayed by focusing on the primary VO, which simplifies the user interface and avoids confusion that could arise from the display of multiple, similarly named VOs in a single title.


img img

2.Region Accessibility Refresh

A significant enhancement to our region-based access control mechanisms has been made. This improvement focuses on streamlining group creation and membership management, offering a more efficient and user-friendly experience.

Key Features:

Streamlined Group Creation: The group setup process has been optimized for efficiency. However, contrary to earlier information, there is no self-serve UI available for this feature at the moment.

Automated Membership Evaluation: Utilizing advanced algorithms, the system now dynamically assesses user attributes against group criteria in real time, ensuring precise and appropriate group assignments.

Real-Time Authorization: Access rights are updated instantaneously with any changes in group memberships, bolstering the security and precision of access control.

Update on Configuration Process: In response to recent feedback, it's important to clarify that the configuration for these enhancements is currently managed with the support of our technical team, rather than through a self-serve UI.

3.Web UX Enhancement for lead duplications

We're thrilled to introduce the Web UX Enhancement to the Vymo platform. This update aligns the web interface experience, offering a unified and intuitive approach to managing duplicate leads.

Key Features:

'Duplicates List' Bottom Sheet: A new feature that surfaces during lead creation, providing a clear view of potential duplicates for efficient decision-making.

Enhanced Lead Update Process: Any updates made to a lead's 'Product' field are automatically reflected in both the lead's profile and the current state.

The feature uses defined duplication logic/rules, varying per client, to compile the duplicates list. The enhancement is integrated into the lead creation flow, providing immediate visibility of duplicates.

img img

4.Enhanced Sorting Features for Mobile App

We are thrilled to introduce a new sorting functionality in our mobile app, designed to help users quickly and efficiently organize data. With this update, sorting through Number, Currency, and Date attributes becomes a breeze, offering a more dynamic and customized data management experience.

  • Sort by Number: Numeric data can now be ordered both ways, making numerical analyses easier.

  • Sort by Currency: Financial figures are sortable, aiding in quick fiscal assessments.

  • Sort by Date/DateTime: Time-based data can be sequenced either chronologically or in reverse, accommodating timeline reviews.


RELEASE NOTES CURRENT (October - November)


1.Conditional Field Visibility in LMS Forms

We are excited to announce an upcoming feature that enhances the customization and user experience of our Lead Management System (LMS) forms. This update will be available on the web platform.

To provide a more dynamic and context-sensitive user interface, we have introduced a new capability to hide form fields in the LMS Web.

The Enhanced Formula Framework allows specific fields to be hidden based on predefined conditions.

Dynamic Field Evaluation: The visibility of input fields will be dynamically calculated and updated with each field value change, maintaining a clean and relevant form experience. img

  • Fields will be hidden or displayed in real-time based on the evaluation of the condition.
  • The condition will be calculated consistently with the existing formula framework, ensuring reliability and ease of maintenance. img

2.Google Calendar Integration

We're thrilled to introduce the first phase of Google Calendar integration with Vymo, streamlining your scheduling by automatically syncing your Vymo activities with your Google Calendar.

A new toggle for Google Calendar is prominently placed, making it straightforward to link your Vymo accounts with Google, with clear notifications for connection issues. Activities will synchronize from Vymo to Google based on their status, ensuring that only relevant, open activities are added to your calendar.

Effortlessly manage your schedules with this integration, as it eliminates the redundancy of manual calendar entries, freeing up time for your core activities. img

We are pleased to announce the introduction of a new feature that allows users to seamlessly navigate to related external records directly from the Activity Details page in Vymo. This enhancement significantly streamlines the user experience and improves productivity by eliminating the need to switch between Vymo and external applications to access crucial information. With this feature, users can effortlessly access external records directly from the Activity Details page, streamlining their workflow and enhancing their overall experience.

Configurable Deep Links: The deep linking process is configurable, allowing customization at different levels to meet specific needs. Base URL Pattern: Administrators can define the base URL pattern to be used for deep links. External Object ID Field: Optionally, administrators can specify the field used to retrieve the external Object ID. Fallback URL: A fallback URL can be configured to ensure seamless redirection in cases where the input field doesn't provide a valid URL. Customizable Button Appearance: Administrators can tailor the appearance of the "View External" button on the web and app to ensure a consistent and user-friendly experience. img


1.Audit history Enhancement

We are pleased to announce an enhancement to handle the load of the Audit History feature on the Lead Details page, aimed at significantly improving performance and resource management. This update will be available on the web platform.

Background The Audit History has been an essential tool for tracking all changes made on the Lead Details page. In the past, loading the full audit trail was part of the initial lead details request, which was comprehensive but not optimized for performance.

Enhancements On-Demand Loading The Audit History will now utilize an on-demand loading mechanism. This means the Audit History data will be fetched only when the Audit History section is expanded. This change is designed to reduce the initial page load time and save valuable resources. Smart Caching A smart caching feature has been implemented, ensuring that once the audit history is loaded, it will be stored locally. If you stay on the same Lead Details page, the data won't be fetched again, thereby reducing redundant network calls and enhancing the user experience.

The Audit History API will trigger only when the user expands the Audit History section. The details page is optimized for faster performance by loading the Audit History section only when expanded. User Experience With these enhancements, users can expect: - A quicker and more responsive interface when accessing the Audit History and Lead details page. - Improved performance due to reduced data load on initial page requests. - An overall smoother and more efficient experience when using the Lead Details page.


2.Intelligent Business Metric Display Update for Web - Zero Target Handling

We are pleased to announce With this update, business metrics with a target of zero will be intelligently excluded from calculations and display. This refinement ensures that the business metrics presented are always relevant and meaningful, providing you with a clearer picture of your business performance. This update will be available on the web platform.

What's New: Intelligent Computation: We will eliminate the percentage achievement computation from metrics when the set target is zero to prevent any misleading statistics.

Enhanced Partner Page: We have made improvements to the partner page. If the potential data for business metrics is zero across the board, it will be excluded to preserve the integrity and clarity of the data presented.

Selective Visibility: Metrics for partners that lack potential data will not appear on the Details page of partner records, ensuring that only relevant and actionable metrics are in view.

  • Wherever there is an absence of data for 'Target' and 'Achievement,' the Business Metrics card will indicate 'NO DATA. img
  • In the Business Metrics section, when there is data for 'Target' but no data for 'Achievement,' the 'Target' values will be displayed in the 'Target' column, while the 'Achievement' column will not be displayed. img
  • In the Business Metrics section, when there is data for 'Achievement' but no data for 'Target,' the 'Achievement' values will be displayed in the 'Achievement' columns, while the 'Target' column will not be displayed.


  • When there is data available for both 'Target' and 'Achievement,' both the 'Target' and 'Achievement' columns will display the respective data. img

3.Localization Update for Numerical Abbreviations

An essential localization update has been implemented to optimize the display of large numerical values across Vymo platforms, adhering to regional numerical conventions. This update will be available on both the App and the web platforms.

We have updated our system to better reflect local numerical standards, particularly regarding the display of thousands, millions, and billions. These adjustments will appear in the Goal/Achievement modules across all platforms, ensuring consistency and improved user experience.

Updates: Localization: Abbreviations for millions and billions are now adapted to fit regional preferences ("Tr" for millions and "Tá»·" for billions). Daily Figures: Daily numerical values will be shown in full, without any abbreviations, aligning with the updated requirements. End User Impact: Users will benefit from the more intuitive display of numbers, with no adverse effects on functionality. The update serves to enhance the readability and comprehension of large currency values with decimals for regional users.


4.Enhanced Multimedia File Handling in On-Input Field (OIF) API Calls

A significant enhancement has been made to the Mobile application, improving real-time operations involving multimedia files within forms. The application now supports the handling of multimedia files directly within forms before submission, allowing for immediate processing through backend OIF API calls.

With this update, users can now upload and process multimedia files instantly within forms, leveraging OIF API calls. This facilitates a more efficient and responsive document-handling process, especially for critical validations and operations that benefit from immediate feedback. Examples: Instant PAN validation during lead creation. Quick feedback on document compliance with standards.


5.Coach V1 Phase Out

We are excited to announce the phase-out of Coach V1 and the introduction of a new performance tab in Vymo. This new tab will provide a centralized hub for all performance-related information, including key metrics, insights, leaderboards, and incentives. Key Features Simplified access to key screens: All key screens will be accessible directly from Vymo's main screen after Coach V1 phase-out. Default landing page: Hello will be the default landing page for Vymo. Users will still have the option to navigate to the performance tab without needing to use the hamburger menu. Performance tab as landing page: Clients can set the performance tab as their landing page through role-based configuration. Performance tab as the hub for performance-related widgets: The performance tab will serve as the hub for all performance-related widgets, including key metrics, insights, leaderboards, and incentives. Coach v1 Activity and Module widgets: The Coach v1 Activity and Module widgets will be migrated to the performance tab. My team and Map view widgets: The My team and Map view widgets will be moved to the Hello landing page.


1.Enhanced Validation for Participant Group Selection in Activities

We are delighted to bring to you a new update that strengthens the validation process for participant selection in activities. This update will be available on both the web and App platforms. This update ensures that participation limits are respected, preventing the selection of groups that exceed the set thresholds. Users will receive immediate feedback through error messages that align with the established validation for individual participant selections.

Extended Validation: The validation for minimum and maximum number of participants is now inclusive of group selections, ensuring that participation rules are consistently applied across individual and group entries.


Improved Error Messaging: Users will be informed by clear error messages if their group selections do not meet the defined min-max criteria, ensuring immediate feedback and correction. img Group Visibility Logic: In scenarios where activities are restricted to less than two participants, the option to select groups will be hidden to streamline the selection process and prevent confusion. img

2.Fix for Overlapping Business Metrics Values

We are pleased to inform you that the display issue with overlapping business metrics values has been resolved. users will now experience a more coherent and user-friendly display of business metrics. The newly implemented flexbox layout ensures adequate spacing of values, eliminating any visual overlap. Additionally, the rounding off of numerical values to two decimal places across the web interface harmonizes the data presentation with that of our mobile application. The issue is resolved in both App and Web platforms. img

3.Correction of 'Full Name' Display in 'Add Prospects' Form

A recent update has been deployed across all Vymo environments to correct the display of the 'Full Name' field within the 'Add Prospects' form.

The update addresses a display discrepancy in the 'Add Prospects' form, where the 'Full Name' field now correctly combines 'First Name', 'Middle Name', and 'Last Name' without presenting any unintended Unicode characters or escape sequences. img We have remedied the issue of improper Unicode character display in the 'Full Name' field within the 'Add Prospects' form. The corrected functionality now ensures that the entered names are merged smoothly and displayed as intended without any encoding artifacts.

4.Correction of Module Name Casing on Vymo Landing Page

A key update has been made to rectify the casing of module names displayed on the Vymo landing page, reaffirming our commitment to data accuracy and presentation. The module names on the landing page have been updated to showcase the correct casing, aligning with the standard configurations.

This update serves to correct the casing of certain module names on the Vymo landing page. The names "CC Cases" and "RAC Cases" are now displayed correctly, ensuring consistency with the predefined settings and enhancing the overall user interface. img

5.Salesforce sync

We have identified and resolved an issue that was preventing Salesforce sync from working in production. This issue affected all users who were attempting to sync their Vymo data to Salesforce. Vymo-created entities will now be synced to Salesforce.

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