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Goals cards and reports

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The goals card is the first card you see on your Hello screen. If you're a manager, your card looks something like this:

goals card manager

If you don't have anyone reporting to you, your card might look something like this:

goals card agent

The Goals details screen gives you a visual view of progress and a list of achievements.

goals targets

For daily goals the expected progress bar (black bar) isn't present.

goals targets

Tap each of the goals on the list to see the details of these goals.

goals card details

Additionally, you have the User Goals and Achievements Report (Reports > All Reports).

goals report

The report contains the following details about the targets and achievements.

  • User name, which, if the person is a manager, is clickable for drilling down to the people reporting to that person
  • Goal name and code
  • Goal, which is a number that represents either a count or a currency value, and is the target that's been set for that person
  • Achievement, which is a number that represents either a count or a currency value, and is the performance of the person against the set target
  • Expected progress is an indicator of what the achievement in a given period, calculated pro-rata. Expected progress is indicated for quarterly and yearly goals and not daily goals.
  • Start and end date, during which the achievements are reckoned
  • Renewal interval, which can be daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly

The report can be filtered for a person and a date range. The report can also be downloaded.

goals report filters

Expected progress indicator

An indicator on goals card that keeps a check on your goal achievement progress. It indicates the ideal timely progress you as a user must make. This helps in making sure that you as a user reach 100 percent of goal achievement within a goal period.

How does it work

Multiply number of days in the goal period by number of days completed in the goal period and divide the sum by the target value that is to be achieved.

The following table shows the three predefined levels of indication

Levels represented in colours percentage
Red Zero to 33 percent
Yellow 34 to 65 percent
Green 66 to 100 percent

Goals progress red

Goals progress yellow

Goals progress green

Goal graphs

Graphical representation of goal performance on the goals screen. This helps agents and managers to view performance of their team.

Daily goals

The X axis include time stamps as parameters.

Daily goals

Daily goals

Weekly goals

The X axis include days as parameters.

Weekly goals

Quarterly goals/ yearly goals

The X axis include months as parameters.

Quarterly goals


  • The black horizontal line on the top of the graph indicates target values.
  • New goals and daily goals currently don't support graphical representation, so you see Graph unavailable label.

Negative values for goal achievements

Goal targets and achievements can be configured to show negative values.

Negative goal

This is applicable in scenarios where there is change in previously achieved target. This backlog can be represented as a negative value in the goal.

User score goal

User score is the number of points accumulated by you, as a user, by planning or completing various lead, partner, or activity actions. This score can also be a goal where the target is to achieve a certain number of points depending on your company. This goal can be an individual goal or a team goal. If it is a team goal, and you are a manager, your goal is a sum of your score and the team's score.

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