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Campaign Management



This guide will walk you through the process of defining a campaign module within the Vymo web app, including naming your campaign, setting up a unique code, managing associated fields, and saving your configurations.

  1. Login to Vymo Web App:
  2. Access the Vymo web application using your login credentials.

  3. Navigate to 'self-serve':

  4. Once logged in, find and click on the 'self-serve' option.

  5. Access Campaign Management:

  6. Under the 'Global Settings' section, click on 'Campaign Management'.

self serve

Configuring the Campaign Module

Campaign Module Name

  • This is a mandatory field where you will input the name of your campaign. The name should be distinctive and reflective of the campaign's objectives or theme.

Campaign Module Code

  • The campaign module code is pre-generated.

Associated Fields

  • This section displays the list of data points or attributes that you can track for each campaign.
  • To tailor these to your campaign's needs, you will use the 'Manage Fields' button.

Field Configuration

  • Clicking the 'Manage Fields' button will take you to the field configuration area.

Add/Delete/Reorder Fields

  • Within this area, you can add new fields, delete unnecessary ones, or reorder them to match the flow of your campaign data entry.
  • After making adjustments, be sure to save your changes to preserve the new field setup.

self serve

Saving and Releasing Campaign Module Configurations

  1. Return to Campaign Management:
  2. Once your fields are configured and saved, navigate back to the campaign management screen.

This completes the process of configuring your campaign module within the Vymo web app.

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