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How to create activities


Activities are of two kinds:

  • Those that are specific to a module, for example, calling up a lead. These activities are defined in specific leads or partners modules.
  • Those that are generic in nature. For example, a team meeting of all agents at the beginning of the day. These activities are defined as user management options.


Configuration options

The available activity types are these:

  • For modules, the available options are meeting, outgoing call, incoming call, reminder, web conference, email, LINE WORKS chat, and LINE WORKS chat disposition
  • For generic activities, additionally, Office 365 calendar and Zoom

Each activity type has permissions that you can specify:

  • The roles that can create the activity
  • The roles that the activity can be assigned to
  • The roles that can participate in the activity

Additionally, the following options are available for all activity types:

  • Add participants after the activity is marked as complete
  • Automatically close activities after a specified number of days

For a list of the configuration options, see Reference: Activities.

How to

  1. Log in to the Vymo web app and click the gear icon in the upper-right corner of the screen.
  2. Depending on the kind of activity you're creating:
    • For module-level activities, in the Module Settings section, click the module for which the activities are to be defined. Then, click Activity Management.
    • For generic activities, in the User Management section, click Activity Management.
  3. On the menu at the left, click Add and select Activity.
  4. Select the Enable option. Enter a name for the activity, and select the type.
  5. Click inside the Choose the roles the activity is allowed for box, and select the roles.
  6. Specify the actions that are allowed for the activity. For each action you select, click Manage Fields, and drag the fields to be shown on the input form when a person is creating or updating the activity. Then use the Return to Activity Management option to return to the Activities page.

    activity fields

  7. Specify the roles that the activity can be assigned to, and the number of assignees.

  8. Specify the roles that can participate in the activity, and the number of participants.
  9. Specify the other options. When done, click Save near the top right. Then, release the changes.

Visual guides

Creating an activity


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