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Activities overview

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An activity is something you do on the app. For example, making a call to a lead is an activity. Attending a team meeting at the beginning of the day is an activity. The types of activities that are available, the modules that those activities are associated with, the roles that can create and update the activities, and the information to be recorded for each activity is configured according to the requirements of your company.


Does your company have specific process for the way things should be done? You can implement these processes by using Activity playbooks.

Activity detection and logging

Vymo can automatically detect certain type of activities, such as calls made through the app to a lead or partner, or meetings with customers. How an activity is detected, and what happens thereafter, is like this:

  • Detect: The app detects something but can't mark it as an activity because certain details are missing. For example, the app can detect if someone visits an office but can't mark it as an activity because no leads or partners are associated with that office location.
  • Log: The app detects something and also recognizes it as an activity. For example, an in-app call to an assigned lead is recognized as an activity. In all such cases, the activity is automatically logged, and the information is displayed on the relevant Details screen.
  • Edit: The app logs an activity and, if thus configured, prompts the person to edit the automatically recorded details or to add more information (such as meeting notes).

If your work calendar is synced with the Vymo app, the schedule on that calendar is also included for activities.

See Creating and logging activities.

User delight through celebratory messages

Delight your team by sending them celebratory messages daily when they reach their daily milestone. Each message is displayed for 5 seconds, and can be dismissed by tapping the screen.

User delight

These messages are displayed on the person's device when they complete all the planned activities for the day.

What's a planned activity?

A planned activity is any type of activity which is scheduled or planned with a lead or partner.

The celebratory messages are shown only if the following conditions are met:

  • You complete a predetermined number of planned activities.
  • The time is after the end of your business day, which, by default, is set to 4:00 PM local time. You can complete the planned activities even after 4:00 PM, but the messages are shown only if it's after 4:00 PM in your time zone.
  • The planned activities are created by you and assigned to yourself. If you, as a user, are not the assignee for the activities, you don't see any of these celebratory messages.

The following kinds of activities are not considered:

  • Rescheduled activities.
  • Cancelled activities.
  • Logged activities, that is, those activities that are automatically detected (and aren't created or planned). For example, if Zoom integration is enabled for your company, all Zoom calls completed with at least one lead or partner is a logged activity.

See Enabling the user delight feature.

Activity states

Activities can have states, like these:

  • Planned: When the activity is created, for example, a calendar event for a meeting the next day.
  • Canceled: When someone cancels a planned activity, for example, when a scheduled meeting didn't happen because the person was out of office.
  • Rescheduled: When an activity is moved to another date or time.
  • Completed: When an activity is marked as completed.

States can be configured to suit your company requirements. For example, you could choose to have a state called Documents uploaded or Verification completed.


Many activities are automatically logged and marked as complete. Some activities, however, can remain open because of the following reasons:

  • The activity needs explicit inputs from you.
  • The activity is assigned to you but isn't detected as complete.

All such activities are placed in a Backlog list. This list updated every day at midnight.

backlog near the top of the screen

To clear an activity from the backlog, you have three options:

  • Mark it as complete
  • Cancel it
  • Reschedule it

You can't delete an activity.

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