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Allocating leads manually


You review a list of leads and assign them, one by one, to a person on the sales team. By default, all unallocated leads are sent into the manual allocation pipeline unless automatic allocation or customized allocation is set as the first choice.

You can allocate a lead to any team member who meets the allocation criteria. The availability of a team member is determined by the following in-built rules:

  • Last online within X hours
  • Conversion ratio for the previous month, which is the ratio of leads converted to open leads
  • Backlog items that are in the open state, which is the total number of leads assigned to that person that are still unmet open state (where unmet means that no one met the lead even once)
  • Calendar, which means that meeting conflicts are reckoned


  • The Allocations dashboard is enabled.
  • A list of sales people is available.
  • The Data Importer settings are set to Send it for manual upload (Customize > Module Settings > Data Importer > Advanced Settings > What should happen to the record when no user is mapped to it).


  1. Log in to the Vymo web app.
  2. Click Leads > Allocations.
  3. Filter the leads list according to any of the lead attributes. For quick information on a lead, move the mouse over the information icon for that lead.
  4. Select a lead. You're taken to the Select Agent page and shown a list of team members available for allocation. The conversion ratio, open leads, and distance from the lead is also shown for each team member. The map shows the location of the lead.
  5. Select a team member. You're shown their calendar.
  6. Schedule a meeting, and click Allocate.


The lead is allocated to the team member. The person's calendar is blocked for the meeting duration, and an SMS notification sent. The person can choose to reschedule the meeting, or reassign the lead to someone else.

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