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Device considerations


Only those devices that are added to an allow list can be used to log in to the mobile app. The look and feel of the Vymo app might be slightly different on the different devices and operating system. Some features also work differently across devices and operating systems. The following table lists these differences.

  iOS 14 and later iOS 13 and earlier Android 10 and later Android 9 and earlier
Device identifier UDID UDID Android ID Device ID
Location Precise location Location Location Location
Nearby Leads can be grouped and geo-fenced, and the lead pins can be color-coded Leads can neither be grouped or fenced, nor can pins be color-coded
Offline working Not supported View, add and update records, and change the state of records
Calendar Shows a monthly view; week starts on a Sunday Shows a weekly view; week starts from the previous day

How to find the device identifier

See device security.

How to enable location services

See the instructions for iOS and Android devices.

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