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Enabling Re-allocation from Allocation Configuration



Reallocation plays a pivotal role in optimizing lead management by allowing redistribution of resources based on specific criteria. This guide will walk you through the steps to enable reallocation via the Self-serve User Interface.

Accessing the Self-serve UI for Allocation

a. Login and Dashboard Access

Start by logging into your account to access the self-serve dashboard.

b. Navigating to Module Settings

From the dashboard, locate "Module Settings".

c. Selecting the Desired Module

Browse through the available modules and select the desired one.

d. Allocation Configuration

Once inside the desired module, find and select the "Allocation Configuration" option to access the allocation settings.

Enabling Reallocation

a. Accessing the Reallocation Section

Upon landing on the "Allocation Configuration" page, where all the allocation rules for the selected module are listed, navigate to the "Rule Sets" section. This section is usually present on the same page.

b. Understanding Rule Sets

The "Rule Sets" section allows you to configure new allocation rule sets.

Note that you can configure up to a maximum of 125 rulesets. The system uses a linear approach to execute these rules.

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