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Date and time formats for the vi-VN locale


The absolute format for VN can be changed to any of the supported formats. You can have only one locale for a company; therefore, for the en-IN locale, you can use only those formats that are specified on this page.

Custom formats

When provisioning a client instance through self-serve, don't create a custom date-time format.

Absolute formats

The following table shows the display formats that are supported for this locale.

Format Example
dd MMM, hh:mm a 01 Jan, 12:19 AM
EEE, dd MMM, hh:mm a Mon, 19 Mar, 9:32 AM
EEE, dd MMM Mon, 19 Mar
hh:mm a 9:32 AM
dd 23
yy 75
dd/MM/yyyy hh:mm:ss 31/12/2020 8:32:45
MMM dd yyyy Dec 31 2020
hh:mm 21:32
a PM
MMM dd yyyy Dec 31 2020
dd/MM/yyyy 31/12/2020
dd-MM-yyyy 31-12-2020

JSON example

The code snippet for the clientDateTimeConfig object in the i18nConfig array that's shown for the en-IN locale can be used for vi_VN as well.

Screens with dates and time

The places where a date and time are displayed on the app are the same as the ones shown on this page.

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