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How to Disable an Added Card or Metrics


Disabling an Added Card or Metrics in Vymo

If you need to disable a card or specific metrics that were previously added to the Vymo's Hello screen, follow these steps:

Steps to Disable a Card or Metrics

1. Navigate to the Card Configuration

  • Access the Vymo web application.
  • Go to the "Module Settings" section.
  • Find and click on the "Card Configuration" option.

2. Select the Card

  • Choose the card you intend to disable from the list of cards available in the configuration.

3. Disabling the Card

  • Locate the "Show Card on Home Screen" option.
  • Uncheck this option to remove the card from the Hello screen.

4. Disabling Metrics

  • In the "Metrics Section" of the card configuration, deselect the metrics that you no longer wish to be displayed on the card.

5. Save Changes

  • After making the desired modifications, click the "Save" button to update and apply the new configuration.


After these changes, the selected card and/or the deselected metrics will no longer be visible on the Hello screen, allowing for a more streamlined and relevant user interface.

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