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Release notes 2024


Version 24.01-02

RELEASE NOTES UPCOMING ( January - February )


1.Configurable Distance Calculation on Customer Cards

We will be introducing a configuration update that allows the distance displayed on customer cards to be dynamically calculated based on user preferences. Users now have the option to configure the distance measurement either from the center of the map or from their current location, enhancing the accuracy and relevance of distance information.

  • Configuration Flexibility: Users can configure whether the distance shown on customer cards is calculated from the center of the map or directly from the user's current location. This provides a tailored experience, especially useful when searching for leads in distant areas.
  • Improved Accuracy: By calculating distance from the user's current location, we ensure that the information is more accurate and reflective of the user's actual position, eliminating confusion and improving usability.

2.Enhanced Support for Data Value Types in Key Metrics

The Key Metrics feature will soon be gaining exciting new capabilities, expanding its ability to represent data and empowering comprehensive analysis. With this update, users will enjoy greater flexibility and applicability when defining key metrics.

  • Flexible Data Value Type Selection: Each key metric can now be defined with a specific data value type, including currency, number, and percentage. This allows for tailored representation and deeper insights.
  • External Goal Integration:The established workflow for external goal types remains unchanged, guaranteeing compatibility and a smooth transition to the enhanced feature.
  • Seamless Integration with External Goals: The default data value type remains "number," ensuring uninterrupted use for existing users while introducing new possibilities.

3.Improved Search Functionality with Module Filter in iOS, Android, and Web

The search feature will be enhanced to effectively organize search results. Now the search results would have an additional filter of a Module which you can use to view the search results within that module for better accessibility. This update streamlines the search process, allowing users to find the information they need quickly..


4.Contextual Help for Performance Tab in iOS

A new 'Contextual Help' feature will be introduced within the Performance Tab for iOS users. This upcoming update aims to assist new users in understanding and utilizing the functionalities of the Performance Tab.

Key Features:

  • The update will include in-app First Time User Journey (FTUJ) guidance and quick summaries for each performance widget, enhancing user self-education.


5.My Actions Now available on Web

Get ready to experience My Actions on the web! Soon, this valuable feature, previously exclusive to the Vymo app, will be accessible directly through the Vymo Web application. This exciting addition streamlines your workflow, allowing you to effortlessly access Suggestions and Notifications without ever leaving the web interface.

Key Highlights

  • Web Integration: My Actions is now integrated into the Vymo Web platform, offering a seamless experience across devices.
  • Easy Access: Users can quickly access their Suggestions and Notifications via a convenient popup in the global navigation bar.
  • Universal Availability: This feature is rolled out by default for all clients, ensuring that everyone can benefit from this enhancement.

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6.Enhanced Activity Display Configuration

We will have a simpler bifurcation of activities planned for today as Planned and Completed on the mobile home page “Today’s Calendar”.

Key Highlights

  • Pending Card Exclusion: Once this feature is enabled, the user will see Planned and Completed Counts only on the mobile home page Today’s Calendar Card. The activities of today are now categorized as "Planned" until they are completed or canceled, offering a clearer overview of what actions are immediately necessary.
  • Hello Page Calendar Card Update: The calendar card on the Hello Page now clearly displays "Planned" activities (those scheduled for today but not yet completed or canceled) and "Completed" activities (activities of today that are completed). This update allows users to easily distinguish their daily tasks and achievements at a glance.


7.Enhanced Data Sorting in Mobile App

This update will allow users to efficiently organize and manage data within various modules by introducing sorting capabilities for Number, Currency, Date, and DateTime attributes.

Key Features:

  • Versatile Sorting Options: Sort data by Number (Integer or Decimal), Currency, and Date/DateTime attributes (up to 3 attributes configurable per module).
  • Customizable Sorting Orders: Includes both ascending and descending sorting options for each data type.
  • Module-Level Configuration: Administrators can specify which attributes are sortable at the module level, providing tailored functionality to meet diverse client needs.


RELEASE NOTES CURRENT (Decemeber - January)


1.Performance Snapshot Widget on Hello Screen

This new feature offers a quick overview of performance metrics right on the Hello screen for both Agents and Managers.

Key Enhancement:

  • Performance Snapshot Widget: A new widget on the Hello screen displays a concise snapshot of performance-related information, including leaderboard standings, key metrics, and earnings.
  • Customizable Display: Clients can configure the data displayed in this widget.
  • Easy Navigation: Tapping on the widget will take users directly to the detailed Performance tab for in-depth insights.


This enhancement is designed to provide users with immediate access to their performance highlights, enhancing efficiency and user experience.

2.Calendar Display Parity Fix Between iOS and Android

In the latest update, we have addressed a discrepancy in the calendar display behavior between iOS and Android platforms. Users previously experienced different behaviors when accessing the calendar feature in the absence of records.

Issue Observed:

  • On Android, clicking on 'Planned' in the calendar with no records led to the display of a weekly calendar, whereas selecting 'All Calendar' showed “0 records.”
  • In contrast, the iOS version consistently displayed the weekly calendar in both scenarios, even when no records were present.

Update Details:

We have now standardized this functionality across both iOS and Android. Regardless of the platform, the app will display the weekly calendar view in both the 'Planned' and 'All Calendar' sections when there are no records.

This update ensures uniformity in user experience across different devices.

End User Impact:

This parity fix enhances the consistency of the app's functionality, ensuring a seamless user experience across platforms.

3.Biometric Login Enhancements

We are pleased to announce improvements to the biometric login feature in our app, addressing issues some users faced during the login process.

Issues Resolved:

  • Biometric Authentication Flow: Fixed an issue where the app redirected users to the ID input screen instead of allowing biometric login after logging out.
  • Biometric Re-registration: Users will no longer be prompted to re-register their biometrics if they are already set up, streamlining the login process.

These enhancements are part of our commitment to providing a seamless and efficient user experience.

4.Enhanced Activity Creation Restrictions

This enhancement brings more control to activity creation in the Vymo platform.

We have implemented the following enhancements:

Restrict Activity Creation:

Users can now create selected activities only in specific lead states. Certain actions (e.g., schedule/log) are disallowed in specified lead states.

Configuration Changes:

Activities can be configured to align with specific lead states. By default, activities include all lead states, but exclusions (lead states) can be applied in the configuration.

Primary Actions:

Primary actions like log and schedule adhere to activity configurations and are disallowed in excluded lead states.

Secondary Actions:

Secondary actions like editing, rescheduling, and reassigning will also be disallowed in excluded lead states.

Completion and Cancellation:

If an activity is already scheduled, completion and cancellation will be allowed in excluded lead states if the activity configuration permits these actions.


5.Broadcast Message Preview

We've enhanced the broadcast scheduling experience in Vymo. When you schedule a broadcast message, a pop-up will appear, providing you with a preview of important details.

Note: Only the Estimated audience count will be shown on the pop-up. Users can proceed or go back to editing from the pop-up.

This preview allows you to review your broadcast details before confirming. It ensures that you have all the necessary information at your fingertips, making the scheduling process smoother and more reliable.

6.Streamlined Module Visibility in Web and App Interfaces

We've enhanced the visibility settings for modules within our web and app platforms. This update allows for a more tailored and less cluttered user interface by hiding certain modules based on specific role permissions defined in the RBAC (Role-Based Access Control) configuration.

Key Updates:

  • Features such as Web Dashboards, Hello Cards, Activities, and more will now be hidden based on the 'Hide Module' settings in RBAC permissions.
  • This change applies to various interface elements, including filters and campaigns, ensuring that users see only relevant modules.
  • The update improves the overall user experience by eliminating unnecessary elements for certain roles, thereby reducing confusion and enhancing navigation efficiency.

7.Enhancement: iOS - Support for Data Value Type in Key Metrics

We are pleased to introduce an important update to our iOS application, expanding the functionality of key metrics. This enhancement allows for a more dynamic and versatile display of key metrics, aligning with diverse analytical needs.

What's New:

  • Data Value Type Selection: Users can now select each key metric's 'Data value type'. The options available are currency, number, and the newly added percentage.
  • Default to Number: By default, the data value type will be set to 'number', maintaining consistency with existing user experiences.
  • Compatibility with External Goals: The process for clients uploading information into the achievement file for external goal types remains unchanged.



This update significantly broadens the scope of key metrics representation, offering enhanced flexibility and precision in data analytics. It is a strategic enhancement, particularly when percentage-based representation is more meaningful.

8.Performance Tab Snapshot on Hello Screen

A new enhancement to the iOS version of our app is introduced: a Performance Tab snapshot directly on the Hello screen. This feature is designed for both Agents and Managers, offering a glance at key performance metrics before diving deeper into the Performance Tab.

Feature Highlights:

  • Performance Snapshot Widget: A new widget on the Hello screen will display three slots, providing brief information about performance widgets such as the leaderboard, key metrics, and earnings.
  • Customization: Users have the flexibility to configure the order of data displayed based on client preferences.
  • Direct Navigation: Clicking on the widget will redirect users straight to the detailed Performance Tab for in-depth analysis.


This update aims to enhance the user experience by providing immediate insights into performance metrics, making it easier for users to stay informed and make data-driven decisions.

9.Enhanced Manager Visibility and Interaction in Vymo's Sales Performance Management

We're excited to introduce an update to Vymo's Sales Performance Management (SPM) that enhances manager visibility and interaction with their team's performance. With this release, managers gain deeper insights and the ability to take proactive actions directly within the Vymo app.

What's New:

  • Insights Widget in SPM: The Insights widget within the Sales Performance Management now empowers managers to identify team members who exhibit nudgeworthy performance for specific metrics. Managers can easily distinguish between individuals who are 'nudgeworthy' or 'cheerworthy' based on their performance, providing valuable data for sales performance reviews.
  • Motivate or Congratulate Agents: Managers can now utilize the performance data to motivate agents for better performance if they are 'nudgeworthy' or congratulate them on achieving 'cheerworthy' metrics or goals.
  • Closing the Loop within Vymo: One of the key enhancements in this release is enabling managers to seamlessly close the communication loop within the Vymo app. Presently, managers can't finalize the next steps directly within Vymo for their team members. To bridge this gap, we are introducing an easier communication channel, allowing managers to send in-app notifications to their agents from within the Vymo app.


10.Enhanced Support for Data Value Types in Key Metrics

The Key Metrics feature now expands the data value types to include percentages. This update enriches the versatility and applicability of key metrics, providing a more comprehensive analytics experience on our platform.


  • Flexible Data Value Type Selection: Users can now select 'Data value type' for each key metric at the metric definition level. The available options include currency, number, and percentage.
  • Default Setting: The default data value type is set to 'number', ensuring continuity for current users while offering new options.
  • Seamless Integration with External Goals: The existing process for external goal types remains unchanged, guaranteeing smooth continuity and compatibility.

With this update, users will benefit from:

  • Enhanced Data Representation: The ability to display key metrics as percentages, alongside currency and number, for more tailored data analysis.
  • Customizable Metric Settings: Greater control and customization at the key metric definition level, aligning metrics closely with specific business needs.
  • Uninterrupted External Goal Processes: Existing workflows for external goal types are maintained, ensuring a seamless transition to the enhanced feature.


11.Seamless Data Flow in State Update Forms

An update in Vymo's lead management system, focusing on the efficiency and consistency of data flow in state update forms. This enhancement simplifies the process of updating lead states by pre-populating fields in state update forms with corresponding values from lead profiles, ensuring that your data management is both streamlined and accurate.

Key Features:

  • Automatic Field Pre-population: Fields in state update forms will automatically populate with values from corresponding fields in the lead profile, provided they share the same attribute code.

  • Bidirectional Data Update: Changes made in these shared fields within the state update form will reflect in the lead profile, maintaining real-time synchronization.

  • Customizable Configuration: This functionality can be easily configured through JSON settings in the lead module, providing flexibility to tailor data flow as per organizational needs.

This update ensures that if a state update form and the lead profile have fields with the same field code or attribute code, those fields can be pre-populated with values from the lead profile. Additionally, any value entered or changed in the state update form for common fields will get updated in the lead profile field as well. This feature is particularly useful in maintaining consistency and reducing manual data entry efforts.

12.Pincode Field Update for NRI Customers in VYMO

We have updated the Pincode field in VYMO to accept alphanumeric values, enabling the capture of Pincodes for NRI (Non-Resident Indian) customers. This change applies to both front-end and API fields across all VYMO channels, ensuring accurate data entry for global addresses.


1.Hidden Lead Module Activities Issue Resolved

We are excited to announce that we have resolved an issue related to the visibility of lead module activities in the "Your Team Activities" card on the web platform. Here are the details:

Resolved Issue:

  • Hidden Lead Module Activities: Previously, even when the lead module was hidden for a specific user role, activities related to the lead module were still displayed in the "Your Team Activities" card on the Home page.
  • Expected Behavior: With this update, activities related to hidden modules will no longer appear in the "Your Team Activities" card, ensuring that data visibility aligns with role-specific module permissions.

2.Corrected Text Case in Map Customer Card

We have released an update addressing a UI issue related to the display of company names.

Issue Fixed:

  • Company Name Case: Resolved an issue where alphabetical characters in customer names were displayed in lowercase on the map customer card.


Consistent Text Display: The customer names will now appear correctly, maintaining their original case format.

This fix ensures that customer names are presented accurately and consistently across the app.

3.Consistency in Module Icons

We've addressed a UI discrepancy regarding the module icons on customer cards. Previously, the icon appeared as a circle and changed to a notebook upon tapping “show more.” This update ensures the icon remains consistent as a circle in both views.

4.Android Update: Pagination Added to Notification Page (Internal and External)

We're pleased to announce a new feature in the Android app: pagination on the notifications list screen within the My Actions tab.

Key Update:

  • Pagination on Notifications Dashboard: Users will now see 25 notifications per page, enhancing the usability and organization of the notifications section.

This update aims to improve user experience by making notification management more efficient and user-friendly.

5.App and Email Communication Update: Enhanced OTP Messages for 'Forgot Password'

We have made updates to the messaging for the 'Forgot Password' process, both in the app and in the OTP email communication.

Key Update:

  • Improved Messaging: The message displayed on the app during the password reset process has been updated to indicate when the OTP is sent to the user's communication email.

This enhancement aims to provide clearer guidance and a smoother experience for users resetting their passwords.

6.Fix for Completed Activities Display Issue

In the latest update, we have addressed an issue related to the display of completed activities.

Issue Resolved:

  • Completed Activities List Visibility: Fixed an issue where the completed activities list disappeared when the smartphone was angled horizontally. The list will now remain visible regardless of the phone's orientation.

Note: The Vymo application is optimized for Portrait view and does not support Landscape view.

This update ensures a consistent and reliable display of completed activities for users, enhancing the overall functionality of the app.

7.Enhanced Navigation from Map Screen

We have implemented an update to improve the navigation experience on the Nearby map screen, especially when dealing with multiple customers registered at the same address. In this update, the functionality of the customer list bottom sheet has been enhanced to mirror the iOS experience. Users can now pull down the bottom sheet, similar to the interaction on iOS devices. This adjustment allows users to easily return to the map screen and navigate as needed, without the bottom sheet obscuring the back button or other essential navigation elements. This enhancement ensures a more intuitive and seamless user experience when navigating between customer details and the map view.

8.Android Update: Calendar Screen Enhancement

We have removed the "Connect Calendar to Vymo Calendar" card from the calendar screen. This change aligns with the iOS version for clients using Admin consent for Outlook, ensuring a consistent user experience across platforms.

9.Update: Enhanced Interface for Partner Module in App

We have updated our app to enhance the interface for the partner module by removing the 'New Customer' icon from the Calendar screen, VO list, and nearby cards. Additionally, the lead state update option for partner module activities has been removed, streamlining the user experience. This update aligns the functionality between the Android and iOS versions of our app.

10.App Update: Fix for 12-Key Keyboard Input on Login Screen

We addressed a user input issue in our app related to the 12-key keyboard (both alphabet and kana) during the login process.

Issue Fixed:

  • 12-Key Keyboard Input: Corrected a problem where the first character was automatically selected when using a 12-key keyboard. Users can now accurately input characters by tapping multiple times as intended. This issue previously occurred only during the first login after closing the app.

This fix enhances the usability of the app for users who prefer the 12-key keyboard, ensuring a smoother login experience.

11.Web Platform Field Label Display Fix

We've addressed a bug on the web platform where field labels were not displayed correctly.

Issue Details:

  • Expected Behavior: Field names with labels should be displayed when navigating and completing activities.
  • Actual Behavior: Labels under field names were missing in the web interface, though they were displayed correctly on Android and iOS.

Fix Implemented:

This update corrects the issue where field labels with the Label UI type were getting reset. The fields are now updated with the correct field code, which refers to the Label input value, ensuring labels are properly displayed across all platforms. This bug fix enhances the consistency and usability of the web platform, aligning it with the mobile experience.

12.iOS Update: Pending Unsynced Items UX Enhancements

In our latest iOS update, we've introduced UX enhancements for managing Pending Unsynced Items. This update makes it easier to identify and resolve issues with items that fail to sync when offline.

Key Improvements:

  • Failure Notification: Instant alerts via toast messages or notifications for sync failures.
  • Error Details: Clear explanations for each failed record in the 'Pending Unsynced Items' section.
  • Improved 'Retry' UX: Enhanced visibility and accessibility for the 'Retry' button and banner.

These changes are designed to streamline the process of managing unsynced items and improve overall user experience.


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