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Usage limits


Vymo APIs have usage limits on API calls, data storage volume, notifications, Google Maps API calls. Usage that's over the monthly limits are added to your annual subscription fees.

API calls

You can use APIs in the production and staging environments. Your apps aren't shut down if the limits are exceeded. For billing and reporting, the limits are aggregated at the company level and not the user level.

Usage Limit on Production Environment Staging/Sandbox Environment
Number of API calls in a day 100000 + 1000 * Number of licensed Vymo users every month Up to 5000 API calls

Your system should respond to API calls made by Vymo within 2 seconds for every call. Client systems should send an acknowledgement immediately, and do the business logic or validation in an asynchronous manner.

To get the API access keys, contact Vymo Support.

  • API throttling and rate limiting isn't set up yet.
  • Monthly reports of your usage are shared manually.

Maps API calls

The number of Maps API calls you can make in a month is calculated by the following formula: Monthly limit = Number of licensed users you signed up * 100.

Usage Limit on Professional Edition Enterprise Edition
Maps API calls in a month 100 100

Call record archival

Calls made through cloud telephony integration (Twilio or Exotel) are automatically archived.

Cloud telephony includes the following aspects:

  • Complete on-call conversation is recorded as MP3 files and archived for 6 months on Vymo servers.
  • Calls are archived in the same cloud data center as the primary deployment.
  • Only connected calls are archived. Calls not responded by the recipient aren't archived.


Call recording isn't supported for calls which are not cloud-based. However, activities related to those calls are recorded.

Usage Limit on Professional Edition Enterprise Edition
Call record archival 6 months 6 months

SMS notifications

"Not logged in" SMS notification are counted for the monthly limit but SMS messages for OTPs aren't. All custom SMS notifications are billed when the count exceeds the monthly limit.

Usage Limit on Professional Edition Enterprise Edition
SMS Notifications in a month 30 30

Data storage

Usage Limit on Professional Edition Enterprise Edition
Maximum data storage 100 MB 200 MB

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