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Partners overview


Partners are people who are neither employees of your company nor leads and customers. Partners could be merchants, agents, and other associates you work with. Your activities with partners can result in your acquiring new leads and opportunities.

Partner modules

Partner are created within partner modules. You can have more than one partner module. This might be useful when you want to segment partners. By default, a partner module has the following components, which are shown as options on the dashboard.

Cover is a dashboard containing quick-view cards of metrics.

partners cover

Partners list contains partner information and is the place where you add partners, and edit, reassign, delete, upload, and download their records.

partners list

You can add or remove the cards that are shown on the dashboard and the app (see How to add or remove a card for a partners module).

Partner module configuration

You can define, configure, and set up the following things in a partners module:

  • Access rights for certain actions such as editing and reassigning leads
  • Input fields and field groups
  • Settings for bulk uploads
  • Settings for locale, timezone, and currency

See How to specify the attributes for a partners modules.

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