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You might be running your marketing campaigns with the help of special tools, but such tools might not give you any data that helps you see how well the campaign worked. For example, you might not have any reports about how many leads were won or lost during a specific campaign, or how much potential revenue was generated, won, and lost during a campaign. Marketing tools might help you execute a campaign, but might not give you reports and statistics about the entire lifecycle of leads generated during special drives, and the associated costs and returns. The Campaigns module has all these features.

The following diagram shows how campaigns work alongside the Leads modules.

leads and campaigns

A campaign can have several child campaigns too. Each campaign can have their own start and end dates and, when an end date is reached, can be deactivated automatically.

A campaign isn't deactivated if any of its child campaigns is still active. When a campaign is no longer active, the following things happen:

  • New leads can no longer be associated with that campaign.
  • The reports continue to reckon data from these leads.
  • Dropped leads can't be reactivated.
  • The campaign isn't available on filters on the leads lists.
  • (Optional) Leads that were associated with that campaign are no longer displayed on the Hello card and the leads lists.
  • (Optional) Leads that were associated with that campaign become available again only if the campaign is reactivated.

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