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Activities Overview



Vymo facilitates dynamic activity management, enabling users to efficiently capture, monitor, and manage diverse actions within the app. This includes reaching out to leads, convening team sessions, and more, all tailored to a company's distinctive requirements.

Key Concepts


  • Integration: Seamlessly incorporate specialized operational protocols into Vymo.
  • Auto-Calendared Activities: Whether activities are manually created, bulk uploaded, or auto-calendared, playbooks provide a versatile tool to enhance operational processes.

Activity Detection and Logging

  • Detect: Certain activities like office visits or calls are initially identified, awaiting further details.
  • Log: Activities, such as in-app calls to leads, are intuitively logged.
  • Edit: Users can refine details or add supplementary information post-detection.

User Delight Through Celebratory Messages

  • Celebrate milestones with uplifting messages upon completing planned activities.
  • Note: Planned activities relate to tasks scheduled or strategized with a lead or collaborator. self serve

Activity States

  • Planned: The inception of an activity.
  • Canceled: Termination of an activity.
  • Rescheduled: Modifying timing.
  • Completed: Conclusion of an activity.
  • Custom States: Bespoke states to mirror specific organizational processes.


  • Management: Activities not detected are listed in the Backlog.
  • Actions: These can be marked complete, rescinded, or rescheduled to manage the list. self serve

Conditions for Celebratory Messages

  • Completion of a predetermined number of planned activities.
  • Time factor: After the end of the business day (default 4:00 PM local time).
  • Activity assignment: Must be created and assigned by the user themselves.

Activities Not Included

  • Rescheduled Activities: Adjustments in timing or dates.
  • Cancelled Activities: Excluded from milestones or accolades.
  • Logged Activities: Autonomously identified activities, like Zoom conversations (if Zoom integration is active), are omitted from certain recognitions.


  • Activities in Vymo are linked with leads and partners, requiring correct associations.
  • Features like celebratory messages depend on prerequisites, like completing activities beyond standard business hours.

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