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Maps and location

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When the location feature is enabled, you can do the following things:

location history

A company can use location information in one of two ways: as mandatory information that's captured at a specified frequency or as optional information. Some companies explicitly prohibit location capture for any enterprise applications. Vymo can be configured to meet any of these requirements. The Vymo app uses location information in a manner that's compliant with user privacy requirements and company-level requirements.

The manner in which location is used in Vymo is chosen by your company, and specified through the accessMode setting, as explained in the following table.

accessMode Is location permission and GPS access mandatory? Does Vymo detect your location? Can you use features that use location information?
disable No No, not even through GPS No
enforce Yes Yes Yes
empower No Yes, only when you, as a user, give permission through your phone Yes, but you can revoke your phone permission and continue to use the app features that don't need location information, for example, calling a lead or scheduling an activity

If you're in the enforce mode, you're shown on-screen guidance for enabling the required permission, as shown in the following image, before you can enter any data.

location history

If you're in the empower mode, you're prompted to enable the required permission only if you're using a feature that needs location (for example, entering a lead's address).

Requirements for accurate map pins

The more accurate the location detection, the more is the battery consumption. Also, if the permission is set to precise location tracking, battery consumption is even more.

For the map pins to be accurate, ensure these things:

  • Vymo is running the latest app version. Usually, an upgrade is released every second and fourth Wednesday of the month.
  • You're logged in to Vymo through your phone only. You can't be simultaneously logged in to Vymo through any other device or through the web app.
  • You have a stable internet connection.
  • The timezone and country details are set according to your company.
  • Vymo is running in the foreground (and is not minimized or isn't on your Sleep mode list).
  • If you're optimizing your phone battery, Vymo is not on that optimization list.
  • If you're using any device performance optimization software, Vymo is not on that optimization list.
  • You've granted the following permissions to the app: auto start, foreground location, background location.
  • You've not, at any time, revoked any of the permissions you granted the app.

Location detection in Vymo

Vymo derives a location in the following manner.

  • For your team, location is derived through the following sequence.
    1. The location transmitted through the WiFi signal (most accurate).
    2. If no location is detected, the location of the nearest cell tower (less accurate).
    3. If still no location is detected, the location detected through a GPS satellite (least accurate).
  • For leads and partners, if the geocoding feature is enabled for a leads or partners module, the address of leads and partners are converted to location coordinates and shown as pins on the map. These pins don't change unless the address itself changes. Location is derived through the following sequence:
    1. Search for the location using all the standard address fields (most accurate).
    2. If no match is found, remove one of the fields and search again (less accurate).
    3. Repeat the previous step till a location is found. The fallback location is the postal code (least accurate).

No history

Pins for people on your team are shown for only one day.

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