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How to specify the role permissions for the lead modules



In Vymo, roles significantly impact user capabilities, with distinct permissions available for each role in the leads module.

Configuration Details

Action Platform(s) Description
Hide the Module Web Enables administrators to selectively hide modules from certain user roles.
Add a Lead (Web) Web Specify roles permitted to create a lead.
Edit a Lead (Web) Web Allow roles to modify lead details.
Bulk Upload (Web) Web Designate roles for bulk lead uploads.
Download List (Web) Web Assign roles to download the lead list.
Reactivate a Lead (Web) Web Define roles to reopen closed leads.
Reassign a Lead (Web) Web Specify roles for lead reassignment.
Delete a Lead (Web) Web Allow roles to remove leads from the system.
Update a State (Web) Web Choose roles for state transitions.
Reassign a Lead Through Bulk Upload (Web) Web Select roles for bulk lead reassignments.
Add a Lead (App) App Determine roles to create leads on the app.
Edit a Lead (App) App Assign roles for editing leads on the app.
Reassign a Lead (App) App Choose roles for app-based lead reassignment.
Update a State (App) App Define roles for state changes on the app.


  • Ensure the intended role is already set up.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Access Vymo: Log in to the Vymo web app and click the gear icon.
  2. Enter Module Settings: Go to "Module Settings".
  3. Permission Settings: Click on "Permissions".
  4. Assign Permissions: Select authorized roles for each action.
    • Tip: Hover over the info icon for detailed guidance.
  5. Save & Deploy: Click "Save" and release changes to apply.

self serve

By following these steps, administrators can precisely configure role-based permissions, enhancing data security, and streamlining workflows within the Vymo leads module.

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