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How to Create Lead States



Lead states depict specific stages in the lifecycle of a lead, starting from a "New" state and concluding with either a "Won" or "Lost" state. This guide outlines how to define these crucial stages in your lead's lifecycle.

Configuration Options

Here's a breakdown of the configuration options available for lead states:

Option Mandatory Default Values Configurable Dependencies
Name Yes nil Yes -
Code Yes Autogenerated lowercase value No -
Color No nil Yes (HTML hex code) -
Tags No nil Yes (Select from predefined tag options) -
Input fields No nil Yes (Select a field) The field must exist


  • Lead states are components of modules.
  • State creation isn't finalized until tags and transitions are added.

User Guide

Creating a state encompasses three steps: creating the state, adding the state, and transition addition. This guide focuses on the initial step and provides direction for the subsequent ones.

Steps to Create a State:

  1. Login: Access the Vymo web app and click the gear icon situated in the upper-right corner.
  2. Module Settings: Within the Module Settings section, select the module where states need to be outlined.
  3. Lead Lifecycle: Opt for "Lead Lifecycle", then press "+ Add State" (positioned on the right).
  4. State Naming: Assign a suitable name for the state.

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  1. Tag Addition: Progress to the tag attachment phase.


Upon completing the above steps, you're poised to append tags to your state. Note: The "Save" feature (located top-right) remains inaccessible until tags and transitions are integrated. Post this integration, the state is officially created.

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