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Goals overview

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Goals can be an important part of any company. They provide people with something tangible to work towards and be measured against. Goals can also be used for compensation or bonuses.

In the Vymo app, goals are set for you and your team. You specify the goals, and decide the metric or logic to use for automatically calculating the numbers. Goals are tracked in real time, and tell you whether you and your team are doing well (show me).

The goals are automatically color-coded (green, yellow, and red), based on the time left for achieving a target and the unmet target numbers. (show me).

Goals can be of these two types:

  • Based on count or number, for example, number of leads won
  • Based on currency value, for example, total revenue generated by a team

Goals can also be bundled into groups that mirror your business objectives.

Goals list

These are the goals that are available by default.

Goal Description
Leads created Total leads created
Leads converted Total leads won
Leads lost Total leads lost or dropped
Leads open Total leads still open which are leads that aren't in the lost or won state
Lead count in a specific state Count of leads in any specific state in the lead workflow, such as Closed or Reassigned
Total revenue Total revenue generated by a person or team
Activity completed Total activities or specific activity completed
Planned activity Count of planned activities

Additionally, you can define custom goals to track data that resides outside of the Vymo app (for example, renewal of insurance policies).


To filter the information on the list, use these parameters:

  • If you're a manager, you can assign goals to yourself or to any person on your team

  • Team/Self (goal type)

  • Date (yesterday, today, tomorrow and select other date)
  • Frequency (fortnightly, monthly, annual)
  • Progress (at risk, behind, and completed)
  • Goal Name

(show me)

Additionally, you can define custom filters.

Goal types: Team and individual

A goal can apply to either one person or to an entire team, like this:

  • Individual goal, which is assigned to one specified person and reckons the achievements of only that person
  • Team goal, which is assigned to a manager, and is distributed among everyone who reports to that manager. If managers also hold individual goals, the aggregation includes the manager's goal also (show me).

The following table shows how the assignments work:

Roles Team goal Individual goal
Manager Yes, required Yes, optional
Non-manager No Yes

Goal types: Internal and external

Internal goals computed through Vymo metrics are tracked in real-time. External goals aren't computed through Vymo metrics and are tracked only when the numbers are uploaded by the administrators. After an administrator updates the goal assignments and achievements, you see a time stamp of the update (show me).

Internal goals go through an automatic, real-time summation. For example, if you have made progress in your goal or if new targets are being added, it reflects immediately in the goal card. Whereas for external goals, data is aggregated and uploaded by the administrators.

The following table shows how the goal summation works:

Internal goal External goal
Target summation No, has to be uploaded No, has to be uploaded
Achievement summation Yes No, has to be uploaded
Some questions and answers
Can I create a goal for myself?
No. Goals are created and assigned by your company. Only an administrator can create goals.
Can I see how my team members are performing against their targets?
Not unless you're their reporting manager. Peers can't see the goals and achievements of each other.
My achievements are logged outside of the Vymo app. Can I still see the numbers in the app?
Yes, the administrator can upload these numbers as external achievements, after which you can see the numbers in the Vymo app.
Can I upload goal data for goals in the past?
Yes, the administrator can upload goal target and achievement data of goals in the past.
Can I have goals for partners?
Not yet.
Can I change the target value of my goal?
Targets are set and assigned at the company level. Only administrators can change the values. To do so, they must upload again the file, which should contain the new values for only the Target column.
Can I remove a goal assigned to me?
Goals are set and assigned at the company level. Only administrators can remove a goal. To do so, they must again upload the goal assignment file, which should contain the value 'Disabled' for the Status column.
I am an administrator. Can I change the frequency, start date, or end date of the goal assignment?
No. To change any value except the target value, first disable that goal, and then create another goal assignment with the required parameters.
Can I change the names of the goals?
Yes, through the self serve interface.
Can I change the order of the goals?
Yes, through the self serve interface, by a drag-and-drop action.
Can I create my own goal metrics?
Only the Engineering team can create goal metrics. You can use these metrics to create goal definitions. The table on this page contains the standard metrics.

Visual guides

The Goals card for managers looks something like this:

goals card manager

If you don't have anyone reporting to you, your card might look something like this:

goals card agent

goals filter

upload external goals

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