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Rule set operators

    Sonu Fakiha Feedback

Allocation rule set consists of attributes and values. The attributes and values can be related to users or leads. Attributes or parameters in the ruleset can include any user or lead attributes like First Name, Source, and other attributes. These attributes and values are bound by operators. The operators make sure the values suit the attributes. These operators are a condition and a factor that derive a relation between given attributes and values.

Vymo supports the following operators

Operators Functionality
Is equal to and Is not equal to Used to match attributes and values that are numeric or a string.
Is lesser than and Is* greater than These operators support numeric attributes and values. Example: Open lead count is an attribute and its value is 5 which is a number.
Contains and Doesn't contain Operator that support both numbers and strings. You can select multiple values for an attribute using this operator.
Matches Used for attributes whose values are either time or calender specific.
Within and Is not within Used for attributes and values which has range metrics


Contains provides the possibility of choosing multiple attributes and values, which differentiates it from Is equal to.

Similar case with doesn't contain and Is not equal to.


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