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Creating, editing, and logging activities


Activities are the things you do with leads, partners, or your own team, for example, join a daily team meeting or call a lead. Activities could be created by your company and assigned to you. You, too, can create activities for yourself. When an activity is complete, it's logged automatically unless the activity needs explicit inputs from you before it can be logged.

Creating an activity

  1. Log in to the Vymo app.
  2. Tap the large Plus button near the lower right of the screen. Tap Schedule Activity.
  3. Select the module by tapping one of the options. The Select Activity field is populated automatically.
  4. Select an activity by tapping one of the options. Depending on your selection, more fields are displayed.
  5. Use the on-screen prompts to enter the required information, and tap Submit.

The activity is added to your calendar, and is also displayed on the Activities card.

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