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How to enable or disable lead states



The journey of a lead from inception to conclusion can encompass multiple intermediate states. You have the flexibility to deactivate any intermediate states, except for the first and last stages of the lifecycle.

Important Note

Disabling a state implies it won't be available for state transitions.

User Guide

  1. Login: Begin by accessing the Vymo web app and clicking the gear icon situated in the upper-right corner.
  2. Module Settings: Navigate to the "Module Settings" section and select the module encompassing the state you wish to deactivate.
  3. Choose "Lead Lifecycle".
  4. Disable State: Identify the state you aim to disable. Slide the toggle to the left, turning its color to grey.
  5. Save: After making the desired changes, click "Save" located near the top right. Finally, implement the changes by releasing them.

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The deactivated state will no longer be accessible for state transitions. This ensures that the leads' lifecycle remains streamlined and efficient, eliminating any unnecessary or redundant states.

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