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How to create dropdown fields using saved lists

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Restrict the input for some dropdown fields to only a specific value or a set of values. First create a saved list, and then specify this list as a field-level setting.

saved list in field config

This is a two-step process: you first create the list, and then you use it as a field attribute.

How to

  1. Create the saved list.
    1. Log in to the web app and click Customize (on the menu at the left of the screen) > Global settings> Saved List.
    2. Click the plus icon above the Search box near the left panel. saved list in field config
    3. Specify a name for the list. The code is generated automatically. Specify the options for this list.
    4. When done, click Add and release the changes.
  2. On the home page of the web app, click the small gear icon near the top right to go to the new self serve.
  3. In Module Settings, click the module where the field list is to be used, and then click Field Configuration.
  4. Go to the state where the saved list is to be used.
  5. Drag a dropdown-type field from the left to the center. Then, in the Field Level Settings section, select the saved list you created.
  6. When you are done, click Save at the top right.

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