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Card Configuration



Card configurations in Vymo offer a streamlined and visually appealing way to present and access essential modules and data. This feature focuses on the customization and management of module cards, such as "Leads" and "Partners," displayed on the Home Screen. These cards are crucial for quick access and providing a snapshot of key information, enabling administrators to tailor the user interface to best suit their teams' needs and preferences. The goal is to ensure efficient navigation and an optimal user experience.

Types of Hello Cards and Their Use Cases

Partner Tier and Status Card

  • Displays: A partner’s current tier (e.g., Gold, Silver, Bronze) and status (Active, Inactive).
  • Use Case: Quickly identify high-value partners or those requiring engagement.

Engagement Frequency Card

  • Shows: Frequency of interactions with each partner.
  • Use Case: Helps in prioritizing follow-ups based on engagement levels.

Lead Cards with Specific Metrics

  • Workflow States: View the current stage of each lead in the sales process.
  • Risk Profile: Understand the risk level associated with each lead.
  • CIBIL Score: Display the credit score for leads in financial services.
  • Priority: Highlight the urgency or importance of leads.

These card configurations on the Hello screen are designed to provide quick and visually appealing access to key modules like "Leads" and "Partners." The flexibility in modifying display metrics, adding or removing cards, or altering their sequence, allows for a user interface that is finely tuned to the team's needs, promoting efficient navigation and an optimal user experience.

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