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Creating a campaign


You create campaigns within a campaign module, and associate it with a leads module. After a campaign is created, all leads of that leads module can be tagged with that campaign. A leads module can be associated with more than one campaign, but a campaign can be tagged with only one leads module.


  • At least one leads module
  • At least one campaigns module

If you don't see the modules, contact your administrator.


  1. Click Campaigns > Campaigns List. Depending on how the app is configured for your company, Campaigns and Campaigns List might be named differently, for example, Drives and Drives List.
  2. Click Add.
  3. Give a name to the campaign, and select a type for the campaign.
  4. Select a leads module to associate the campaign with. You can edit any of the campaign details later, but you can't change the lead-module-to-campaign association.
  5. Select a campaign from the Parent Campaign list. Only those campaigns that are associated with the leads module that you selected in the previous step are displayed on this Parent Campaign list. You can't change this campaign later by editing a lead.
  6. Specify the start and end dates.
  7. Enter the required information in all of the mandatory fields. Specify the status of the campaign to be active.
  8. (Optional) Specify the information for the remaining fields.
  9. Click Add.

The following video shows these steps.


In the associated leads module:

  • A campaign and sub-campaign column is added in the leads list.
  • Parent and child campaigns are added as filters in the leads list. The child campaign is displayed as a filter option only after a parent campaign is specified in the filters.
  • A campaign and sub-campaign column, with the campaign names, is added in the import and export templates.
  • If configured thus, the parent and child campaigns are displayed as fields on the form to add leads.

The following video shows the results of adding a campaign to a leads module.

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