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How to Associate Multiple Records with an Activity



In Vymo, some activities may require tagging with more than one lead or partner. For example, a bank visit might involve meetings with several individuals. To link an activity with multiple records, you need to activate the multi-record feature and define the maximum number of records that can be associated with a specific activity. Upon activation, app users can select multiple records when creating an activity.

Step-by-Step Guide

Access Vymo

  • Log into the self-serve.
  • Proceed to 'Module Settings'.
  • Select the module housing the activity of interest.
  • Dive into 'Activity Management'.

Modify Activity Settings

  • From the left-hand menu, pick the desired activity.
  • Scroll down to the 'Advanced Settings' section.
  • Under 'Choose whether to associate with single or multiple record(s)', opt for 'Multiple records'.
  • Click 'Save', located near the top right. self serve

Set Record Limit in JSON Configurations

  • Navigate back to the main dashboard.
  • In 'Global Settings', tap on 'JSON Configurations'.
  • On the left panel, find the 'Vo Selection Props' object and navigate to 'Vo Selection Multiple'.
  • Set your desired record limit by inputting an integer (between 1 and 200) in the 'Max Required' field. self serve


  • If the 'Max Required' field is unmodifiable, use the JSON editor pane. Input the desired number in the vo_selection_multiple.maxRequired parameter as follows:

```json { "vo_selection_single": { "code": "vo_selection_single", "deleted": false, "maxRequired": 1, "minRequired": 1, "contextFilterMappings": null }, "vo_selection_multiple": { "code": "vo_selection_multiple", "deleted": false, "maxRequired": 200, "minRequired": 1, "contextFilterMappings": null } }

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