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Sonu Fakiha Feedback

Link or partnership between banks and insurance companies define the term ‘Bancassurance’. The banks sell the products of insurance companies to their customers. This partnership is profitable for both the bank and the insurance companies. Life and health insurance policies are in demand globally. Life bancassurance has quite a name in the market. Vymo caters its services to several bancassurance customers.

Vymo workflow for bancassurance customers

bancassurance workflow

The first stage begins with division of bank RMs and partner priotization. Once the mapping of Bank RMs and partners is done, Vymo's user management feature helps in sorting the user hierarchy process.

Lead management comes into the picture once the partners and RMs are categorized. Vymo guarantees effective engagement with partners and leads. A spectrum of features and integrations under Vymo's activity management system focus on activity engagement with leads and partners. Post activity engagement with leads and partners is significant for successful lead conversions. Filters like referrals, follow ups add on lead management.

Vymo features involved in bancassurance workflow

Some Bancassurance customers
  • AIA Indonesia
  • AIA Myanmar
  • AIA Thailand
  • AIA Vietnam
  • ICICI Lombard

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