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Getting started


Use self serve to configure, enable, or disable the default features and settings. You can use self serve only through a laptop or desktop; you can't use it on a mobile device.


You can't use self serve to customize Vymo.

Before you begin

To become familiar with the objects in the app, and how they work with each other, see Concepts.

To use self serve, you need two things:

  • The URL of your company's instance (what's an instance?)
  • The user name and password for logging in to this instance.

Get these from the Vymo administrator.

The interface

To log in:

  1. Go to URL of your company instance, and log in.
  2. Click the small gear icon near the top right.

You're taken to the self-serve interface.

To quickly go to a configuration, click Setup menu. To find a configuration, use the Search box. The following video shows the options when you click inside the Setup menu box.

How To guides

See the How To guide for the specific feature or setting to be configured. The links are on the table of contents at the left. Expand the sections to read the guidance.

See also

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