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How to specify the role permissions for the leads modules


Roles determine what you, as a user, can see or do on Vymo. So, for example, if you're an administrator, you can have more menu options and be able to do many more actions than a person with the role of an agent. For each leads module, you can specify these options and permissions.

role permissions

For example, in the previous image, you see that none of the roles are selected for the Export action. Consequently, the Download list button shows up as inactive on the app.

role permissions, unavailable button

Configuration options

Action Where
Add a lead Mobile, web
Edit a lead Mobile, web
Bulk upload Web
Export the leads list Web
Reactivate a lead Web
Reassign a lead Web
Delete a lead Web
Change the state of a lead Mobile, web


How to

  1. Log in to the Vymo web app and click the gear icon in the upper-right corner of the screen.
  2. In the Module Settings section, click the module for which the role-based permissions are to be defined.
  3. Click Permissions.
  4. For each of the actions that are listed, select the roles that can do those actions. If you don't select any role for a specific action, that option won't be displayed on the app screens.


    Each of these actions has on-screen guidance to help you along. Move the cursor over the information icon to read the details.

  5. When done, click Save near the top right. Then, release the changes.

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