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How to create a JSON object

Anindita Basu    Feedback

Sometimes, a configuration parameter isn't defined anywhere and, to set it up, you must create a JSON object. For example, suggestion configuration is an empty object (in which you create the suggestion rules), as shown in the following screenshot.

empty JSON object

How to

  1. Log in to the Vymo web app.
  2. On the left menu panel, click Customize, and then:
    • To create a global object, click Global Settings > JSON Configurations.
    • To create an object for a specific module, click Module Settings > pencil icon for the module > JSON View.
  3. Locate the configuration where the object must be created. Then, move the pointer over the configuration name till you see a plus icon. Click the icon.

    JSON plus

  4. In the box, enter the name of the object, and click the check mark icon inside the box.

    JSON key

  5. Move the pointer over the object name till you see three icons to its right. Click the pencil icon .

    JSON edit

  6. Delete NULL and type the code to use.

    JSON parameters

  7. Click the check mark that's next to the brackets ({...}).

    JSON parameters

  8. Click Save.

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