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Configuring notifications

Sonu Fakiha Feedback

You can configure notifications either through JSON or through the command line interface.

How to

  1. Log in to Vymo web app.
  2. Go to Customize > Global Settings > JSON Configuration.
  3. Navigate intelliFlowMappings on the panel located on the left.
  4. Expand the intelliFlowsMappings key to access a list of configured notifications.
  5. To enable a notification, set the value of disabled key to false. To disable, set it to true.
  6. You can configure further specifications for each notification through intelliFlows.
  7. Navigate intelliFlows on the panel located on the left.
  8. Expand each key and configure further specifications like code, deleted, variables, flowtype, flowName, flowDescriptionand other specifications.
  9. In the message box, click Go To Release Management so that you can move the changes permanently to the live configuration.
  10. Click Create a UAT release. Specify the release details and make sure to enter your own email ID because that's where you receive a one-time password (OTP) to continue with the process. Click Proceed.
  11. Enter the OTP you received in the email, and click Submit. Wait for a while till you see a confirmation message saying the process is complete.
  12. To see the changes, log out and log in again.



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